ISU Membership Circular 29.5.18

Dear Member,


Hugh Ind

The ISU is very saddened to see Hugh leave Immigration Enforcement.   We have had an immensely productive relationship with IE as a result of his, and Tony Eastaugh’s, leadership.  Very difficult times have been navigated with far better results than anticipated, largely as a consequence of the decency and integrity of senior leaders in IE. They have set a lead for others to follow. Of course we look forward to building on that work with Tyson Hepple as he moves into the IE DG seat. In so doing, we salute Hugh’s commitment to public service and personal dignity in always placing the interests of the Department and his people ahead of his own.


From Friday 25th May new GDPR regulations have come into force.  This gives you considerably more control over the data others, including your employer, hold about you.  The ISU is aware of data security concerns in some areas and this gives us the opportunity to hold the employer to account for these in a way which has not been possible before.

If you have concerns about how your data is handled please contact [email protected]

BF Summer Pressures

IE are seeking volunteers for staff to support BF over the summer.  The ISU was consulted about this and we are supportive.  This begins to address the very serious concerns we have raised about the prospect of operational collapse at major ports over the coming summer.  The ISU has long been mandated to increase closer working between IE and BF; we hope that this measure, however much a short term response now, can pave the way for that.

Immigration Intelligence Transformation

Members in II will be aware of the ongoing Transformation work in their area. A number of concerns have been raised with us and we are actively engaging with the management team to secure best membership outcomes. The more members participate in providing feedback on Transformation, the stronger those outcomes should be so we do urge you all to make sure your voices are heard in this process.

Those in II with concerns about this should contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Border Force Maritime

We are aware of a number of membership concerns in the Maritime world and have commenced productive dialogue with senior managers to address those. We will be covering Maritime matters in greater detail shortly. In the meantime, members in Maritime experiencing difficulties are encouraged to contact [email protected]