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The National Executive Committee

The NEC consists of:

General Secretary: Lucy Moreton – Lucy.Moreton@theisu.co.uk

National Chairman: Mark  Gribbin – Mark.Gribbin@theisu.co.uk 

National Vice-Chairman: John Edun - john.edun@theisu.co.uk


The elected members are currently:

Clare Faxon – claire.faxon@theisu.co.uk

Stuart Band – Stuart.Band@theisu.co.uk

Simon Bonsor - simon.bonsor@theisu.co.uk

Ken Stiles – Ken.Stiles@theisu.co.uk

Alex Evans-Crane – Alex.EvansCrane@theisu.co.uk

Clare Rampton – Clare.Rampton@theisu.co.uk

Lizzie Dawson – Lizzie.Dawson@theisu.co.uk

Michael Valls-Russell – Michael.Valls-Russell@theisu.co.uk

Caroline Wise – Caroline.Wise@theisu.co.uk

Cara Costen – Cara.Costen@theisu.co.uk


The General Secretary is the head of the union, while the Chairman chairs NEC meetings and the Annual Delegate Conference. He, or she, is assisted by the Vice-Chairman.

Elections for these posts are held at the beginning of each year, for a three-year term, with the new committee taking office at the end of the Annual Delegate Conference.

The General Secretary’s Staff

The General Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day work of the union. He/she is supported by the Deputy General Secretary and other officers with specialist areas of responsibility. These include:


Branch Executive Committees

These are elected annually and take office from 1 April. Each committee consists of:

  • Chairman / Chairwoman
  • Vice-Chairman / Chairwoman
  • Secretary
  • Members

The number of members on the committee is determined by the size and the distribution of membership, as some branches cover more than one location or type of work. Other posts, such as Assistant Secretary, are often created locally.

  • Technical Glitch

    Some of you may have received an email from a version of the ISU website asking you to register your user account. We can confirm this was not a spam email but was sent in error from a new ISU site currently in development. Please ignore the registration email and any future emails from this site until publically launched. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused

  • ISU Diary

    Due to a decrease in demand, we are requesting members to confirm if they wish to receive their annual ISU Diary. If you would like to continue to receive an ISU diary please contact HQ to have this information confirmed on your membership records. Please contact HQ by Friday 9th February 2018.

    Don't forget to update your home address for your annual ISU diary. Contact us at HQ on 01255 553039 or email us at hq@theisu.co.uk to update your details.

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