Our Mission

The ISU is centred around the idea that the union is the members and the membership is the union.

At every level, we strive to collectively voice your needs and your concerns in a non-political, inclusive way. We represent everyone equally, from traditional areas of the membership to our new colleagues from legacy ex-Customs environments. Everyone counts, everyone is equal. We serve all to the highest standards possible. Always.

Without you we are nothing. Together we are everything.






  • ISU NEC Elections 2018

    The ballot for the ISU NEC 2018 elections is now open. Please find below a Nomination form and a set of NEC Election rules. 


    ISU Elections 2018 Nomination Form

    ISU National Election Rules


    Please do not return the forms to HQ. These must be sent to our independent scruinteer Popularis as advised on the nomination form. 

  • 2018 ISU Diary

    Don't forget to update your home address for your annual ISU diary. Contact us at HQ on 01255 553039 or email us at hq@theisu.co.uk to update your details. 

  • Events

  • ISU Poll

    Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
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