Our History

Our workplace is diverse and so are our members. The ISU was founded as a means of giving a voice to a silent majority of workers from operational backgrounds who wanted strong, trustworthy and reliable trade union representation, but who did not want to have these services influenced by a political agenda, as was the case in the early 1980′s.

We have worked tirelessly over the decades that have passed, to promote, defend and publicize the needs of our members. As times have changed, we have embraced member’s needs and met the demands of change head-on. Examples of our achievements over the years include successful actions concerning pay, raising standards of safety amongst arrest teams and protection of preferred working patterns for staff.

  • ISU Diary

    Due to a decrease in demand, we are requesting members to confim if they wish to receive their annual ISU Diary. If you would like to continue to receive an ISU diary please contact HQ to have this information confirmed on your membership records. Pease contact HQ by Friday 9th February 2018. 

    Don't forget to update your home address for your annual ISU diary. Contact us at HQ on 01255 553039 or email us at hq@theisu.co.uk to update your details. 

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