ISU Enforcement Circular 15.1.18

Dear Member,

ISU Enforcement Sub-Committee

Just a short note to let you all know that we are at last in a position to re-implement the ISU Enforcement Sub-Committee (the delay has been interminable for a variety of reasons, but at least we’re there now) and as such I have asked ISU AGS Jon Murtagh to head up the committee whilst working, in the first instance, with a team of fourteen other ISU IE reps who have volunteered and come from a wide range of locations and grades across Immigration Enforcement.

New Smart Phones in Immigration Enforcement

Many of you in IE will by now have received your departmental issued Samsung Galaxy Note8 (or maybe an iPhone depending on your role within the organisation) and whilst it is indeed a decent piece of kit that I personally rather like, I would strongly advise you to refresh your understanding of the department’s guidelines, policies and rules regarding their use and in particular those rules regarding browsing the internet etc.

John Edun

ISU Vice Chairman