ISU Membership Circular 03.05.2018

Dear Member,

Blaming Officials for enacting Policy?

2 weeks ago Amber Rudd suggested that members were in some way at fault for what the press has come to call the “Windrush Scandal”.  The NEC sought urgent reassurance from Ms Rudd’s office and from the Perm Sec that her comments were not aimed at front line staff.  Sadly this was not forthcoming.

I gave a number of press briefings defending staff; culminating in being invited to the Home Affairs Select Committee to give evidence for ISU members.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events one element of my evidence was initially criticised as untrue; only to later be proven accurate, leading to the resignation of the Home Secretary.

John Edun and I met with the Second Perm Sec Patsy Wilkinson today.  We asked again for staff to be assured that either they were not the subject of Ms Rudd’s comments; or if they were that they be assured that the current Home Secretary does not share that view.

Stress Survey at LCY

We have launched a stress survey at London City Airport.  These surveys look at the HSE indicators of workplace stress.  We have been able to use these surveys to improve wellbeing for staff at a number of locations.

If you work at LCY please take the time to complete a survey.  If you think that your location would benefit from using a stress survey please contact me or Caroline Wise, National Casework lead.

Bullying & Harassment Scores.

Alex Evans Crane and Mike Valls-Russel are working with the HO on behalf of the ISU to try to uncover the causes for the very high bullying, harassment & discrimination scores in Operational Arm.  We know in previous years these scores have been dismissed with various excuses.  We are hopeful that through proactive engagement we can encourage HO to acknowledge this as a very real day to day experience for staff and to address its causes.

Pay 2018

We still await the commencement of pay talks for 2018.  The 1% cap has been lifted in some areas of the civil service and we look forward to hearing what proposals for Home Office may be. 

Sad News

Jann Corke, a longstanding rep at Heathrow Airport passed away over the weekend.  Many will remember her from Conference and the ISU is saddened by her loss.

Lucy Moreton

ISU General Secretary