ISU Membership Circular 16.10.2017

Dear Members,

A short notice to inform and consult you on important work for the future of Border Force, Enforcement, UKVI, Intelligence, and our roles and jobs.

We are undertaking independent research and consulting senior managers in Border Force, Immigration Enforcement and Intelligence on the continued and refined use of technology and new systems across all departments, and the potential impact of ‘Brexit’.  This includes everything from e-gates, the Registered Traveller scheme, customs robots (China), increased use of technology (Canada and Australia), Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (USA).  Future development will touch us all, our roles, responsibilities, futures and prospects, dealing with passengers and goods, CT, and in country.  We need to be well informed and positioned to have meaningful dialogue with our employers to inform and influence developments.  This is likely to be a major item for discussion at the next ISU Conference (March 2018).

If you have information, advice or contacts that could assist our research please contact [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] or [email protected]



Continuing the tradition of involving us in consultation around improvements to uniform in BF and IE, the Uniforms Team have asked whether ISU members will support two wearers trials they wish to run. These are for a new design maternity dress and for a hybrid wicking shirt in Enforcement. We’d certainly encourage members to become involved and help us continue to represent membership views on uniform matters. If you’re interested in taking part, please contact [email protected]