ISU Membership Circular 21.03.2016

Dear Member,

Welcome to the trial of a “new look” circular.  This is being trialled following a suggestion made at the Annual Conference last week.  Please do let us have any feedback on it.

NEC Election Results

The results of the NEC elections which closed just before Christmas are

General Secretary

Lucy Moreton


David Carter

Cara Costen

Alex Evans Crane

All elected unopposed.  The Scrutineer’s report is available on request.

The publication of these results to all members has been delayed due to administrative oversight. We apologise for this.


Pay 2015

Following the circular last week on the cancellation of promised pay talks 2 further dates have now been offered.  We will keep members updated


Grievances / legal action on Pay 2015

Members have enquired about raising grievances or taking legal action in respect of the outcome of Pay 2015.  We do not rule that out, particularly for staff told they could not or should not opt in.  However as we still have until June 2016 to secure this rise for staff so it is too early for such action as yet.

Buying extra AHW Hours

A number of locations have identified shortfalls in the number of hours purchased last year.  Members are reminded that they do not have to agree to the purchase of additional hours. Your contract is for the number of hours stated only.  You do not have to agree to more.


Individual AHW Contracts

As mitigation to the adverse equality impact of AHW on staff with caring responsibilities or disability Home Office is adamant that individual AHW contracts are available in all locations.  Although the NEC is aware that these are available in some areas, this is not the case in all.  If you want an individual contract, with fewer nights, less flexibility etc. please ask your manager for one now.  Local reps are available to assist.  If this is refused please copy emails to Lucy Moreton and Mark Gribbin.


E-Gates Queue Combing

This week, accompanied 12 to 17 year old EU travellers will start to use e-Gates nationally. To meet s55 safeguarding concerns members are being asked to “comb” EU Queues.  We have raised concerns with Phil Duffey about the risk to staff, the lack of guidance and training.  We have yet to receive a reply.  If you are instructed to perform such duties and have concerns about the risks you should raise this immediately with managers.  You may also seek support from local reps and/or escalate to Caroline Wise/Clare Rampton of the NEC.


The ISU Website

In line with this new style “Soundbyte” newsletter more detailed briefings will be uploaded onto the ISU website.  Please make sure you have your login details so that you can view this and a range of other resources.  If you have forgotten your details contact ISU HQ for help.  Once logged in you can change your login details to something more user friendly.

Short, sweet and to the point – we hope!