ISU Membership Circular 29.06.2016

Dear Member,

In the wake of the referendum decision and the strong emotions that this arouses in many – regardless of your political views – it is time to remind members to be careful about what you say on social media. You have a right to express your political views but, perhaps especially now, please take care to do so with moderation. BF and IE in particular are increasing their efforts to justify intrusion into your personal life; please do not give them any greater scope to do so. The ISU entirely support your right to freedom of expression and we will continue to press that point with the Department – but we do not want members to face intrusive and stressful management action in the meantime.

The immediacy of comment on social media is of course one of its great attractions; but please be cautious in responding or posting in the heat of the moment. Be careful that your “friends” are really your friends and be sure your privacy settings are on full. Tweets can get out of control very quickly; and nothing is every truly private on the internet.