ISU Membership Special 23.06.2016

Dear Members,

Today’s political events are, of course, dramatic and extraordinary. As you all know, the ISU is not a political Union, we affiliate with no party. We are proud of that – the ISU exist only to further the interests of ISU members. We therefore approach political questions with great caution but do feel bound to make brief comment

It will be months, and in some cases years, before some of the many questions raised are answered. It is clear that Immigration and Border security are going to have a particular focus which we hope will be to the benefit of the membership. However little will be achieved unless and until Borders & Enforcement are properly funded and resourced. We will naturally participate in any and all discussions around our future direction and update you all as we are able.  Our sole aim remains unchanged – to secure improvements in the working lives of our members.

Meantime, a specific question has been raised concerning the AHW Opt-In Window and whether advice on the possibility of a forced change still stands.  The legal position is unchanged. We do stand by our advice that this is a possibility. However potential changes in the political leadership are likely to mean that this timeline is now longer than the “end of year” suggested by BF and IE Leadership.