ISU Membership Update 08.07.2016

Dear Member

I’m not sure there has ever been a fortnight where things have changed so much or moved so fast as in this last two weeks.

Whilst the world “outside” might be in a state of flux – for the employer it is very much business as usual.  It will be months, if not years, before the implications of the Brexit vote on immigration are known.  And in the meantime business continues.  However any major new decisions, such as what to do with legacy allowances, will wait until after it is clear who the next Home Secretary will be.

Pay Errors

There have been a number of significant pay errors identified this month.   Over 1,700 officers were overpaid when timecards were counted multiple times; in some cases the overpayment is significant.  Then a further error in pension contributions was identified affecting over 1,100 staff with some having been underpaid and some over paid.

Hopefully recovery will be relatively straight forward for most.  However we have been given guarantees of sympathetic consideration of repayment plans for anyone who has experienced significant difficulties because of these errors.

The ISU is the only Civil Service Union to continue to maintain a team of pay caseworkers who have considerable experience with pay matters.  If you are affected by these issues and need help please contact them on [email protected]

In the meantime we will keep our fingers crossed for the July pay run including the Pay 2016 award for those staff eligible.


Planned or unplanned?

The ISU was saddened, but not surprised, to read a recent BF management communication which included the following:

“Under no circumstances should you or your teams be communicating to the public or stakeholders that the reason for queues, or your deployment decisions are due to a lack of staffing or poor planning…Our default position should not be to issue a complaints leaflet automatically, unless specifically asked for such information.”

The majority of the communication was broadly supportive of staff and staff welfare; and this is welcome.  Of course there will be times when delays etc. are as a result of other operational or other pressures which could not have been avoided.  However we do question how asking HOs and BFOs to effectively lie about at least one reason for delays can conform to the Border Force Value of Moral Courage.

The NEC.