ISU Membership Update 02.06.2016

Dear Member

Bank Holidays – Victory for the ISU

Finally – after over a year of wrangling – we seem to have a solution for the vexed issue of what happens when a calendar bank holiday (Christmas day or New Years day) falls on a weekend; as happened in 2015 and will happen in 2016.

Last year there were efforts to pay public holiday rate for only the alternative designated holiday and weekend rate for the weekend day.  The ISU intervened as this is not what Home Office Policy says should happen and after some grumbling the position was reversed.

This then occurred again this year with advice from SSC directly contradicting published HO policy.  Despite a brief effort to include this issue within the offer for staff on AHW only the ISU was glad to finally received written confirmation that HO will stick to its published policy and pay bank holiday rate for both the day itself and the alternative day when the former falls on a weekend.

The AHW implications….

We are aware that those on AHW contracts have had their bank holiday hours allocated on the basis that the bank holiday itself did not count as a privilege day.  As part of the review of rosters now required by the new opt in period this will need to be addressed.


BF Values and Senior Managers.

Following a motion unanimously passed at conference the ISU wrote to Sir Charles to ask him to formally confirm that BF values apply equally to all staff at all levels including at regional director level and above.  Sadly he has chosen  not to reply.  We’re sure members will draw their own conclusions from this.