ISU Membership Update 03.08.2016

Dear Member

BF Pressures

Our last circular on the pressures faced by Border Force produced a very welcome flurry of activity with managers now engaging with us to support staff both permanently at LHR and those drafted in.  Nothing is really going to make this summer much easier – but there are plans in place to try to improve matters going forward.   Also in the wake of our circular and the media attention the Chief Inspector’s Officer attended LHR at short notice and we were able to have a productive conversation with them.

A New PDR system?

Consultation is continuing into proposals to change our PDR system.  Workshops have been arranged in London, Croydon, Liverpool and Sheffield; but we know how difficult it is for operational staff to get permission to attend.  This is a good opportunity to get a system which actually works for Operational Arm and if you can possibly attend a workshop please do.  In the meantime we are also working with Home Office to ensure that staff in Operational arm have a voice.

None of the proposed models currently have forced ranking which is very welcome.  The ISU has been clear throughout that forced distribution is not suitable for the work we do, demoralises and demotivates staff; and leads to adverse equality outcomes.

The ultimate decision rests with the EMB in September so the battle is not yet won; but it is a positive step.

People Strategies

The mood and tone from the centre is changing to a more people focused more supportive workplace ethos than has been the case in Operational Arm for many years.

We recognise that this is very much a work in progress and that it takes time for this type of cultural change to filter down through the organisation -perhaps especially one which can be as set in its ways.

All of our experience of these initiatives is that our members on the front-line are left behind – what works in Marsham Street simply does not happen in Operational Arm. We recognise good intentions are now held but will judge their success by how far, if at all, these improve working life for our members doing the hard yards in Borders and Enforcement

ISU Pay Team

The ISU is the only TU which still has a dedicated team supporting members with pay queries.  There have been several errors in pay recently and the NEC would like to offer a very public thank you to the pay team for the work they do on member’s behalf.

NEC By Election.

Nominations for the bi-election to fill a vacancy on the NEC has closed.  Mike Valls Russel is elected unopposed.  The scrutineers report will be available on the ISU website in due course.    Congratulations Mike