ISU Membership Update 04.05.2017

Dear Members,


Pay 2017

When the General Election was called, we assumed that Pay negotiations would necessarily await the outcome. This would be the ordinary expectation. After all an incoming government may bring different priorities and plans.

However the Treasury released the pay remit at the 11th hour before pre-election ‘purdah’ so the Department aims to start pay negotiations regardless. Much as we feel this is not the correct approach, we will nevertheless attend meetings under that protest, as to do otherwise might disadvantage members.

Pay data clearly shows the real time pay loss suffered by all civil servants over the last 7 years. This is far more acute for AAA & SDA people who have had no pay rise at all for the last 2 years. We believe that a minimum 5% pay rise is now required to redress the loss staff have suffered in recent years.

The ISU is committed to achieving the best possible deal for operational staff.  We are particularly concerned about the fate of those who exercised their right to retain AAA/SDA.  We will do our utmost to achieve the best possible deal we can.  Our members help to deliver national security – they should be valued appropriately


Pre-election ‘Purdah’

With a General Election upcoming, civil servants are expected to remain neutral in any public comments. While this is plainly a more sensitive matter for senior managers, it applies to all.

Given the Department’s regrettable taste for policing staff social media posts, we urge you all please be very careful about what you say both in person but particularly online.  Even civil servants have the right to hold and to reasonably express political views. But be careful of making any statements which might later come back to haunt you.  Make sure your privacy settings are turned up to the highest level, and remember that you lose control of what you have posted if it is shared, re-posted or re-tweeted.  Not everyone on social media is actually your friend!


AHW / Rostering head of Profession.

The new AHW “Head of Profession” promised as part of the agreements around the 2016 AHW opt in has finally taken up post and met with the ISU.  There are a large number of significant issues to be resolved.  We look forward to the department being able to demonstrate good faith by addressing at least some of the more grotesque abuses of staff.


ERT Payments?

If you hold first aid at work qualifications or act as a fire marshal you are entitled to a £150 annual payment as a “thank you” for doing something that helps the employer. However it seems that not everyone entitled to claim this is doing so; with the result that the department are now considering “phasing out” the payment.  If you meet the criteria for payment do claim.