ISU Membership Update 08.03.2017

Dear Members,


AHW / Rostering head of Profession.

Members may recall that part of the concessions the ISU won during the last AHW opt in was the commitment to an AHW / Rostering head of profession to oversee the implementation of the policy and to address issues of sharp practice.

This was trawled internally.  Although there were several applications the board felt none were suitable and the post was trawled externally.  Again there appear to have been no successful candidates.

There a number of damaging and inappropriate practices springing up nationwide which need to be addressed.  The ISU will continue to push for national oversight of the policy and a meaningful form of redress when local reps challenge inappropriate behaviours.

New members and representation

You must be a member of the ISU to obtain services from us.  That sounds simple doesn’t it?  But we are seeing increasing numbers of new members joining to obtain representation for matters which predate their membership; either where they have not been represented before or where they have become disillusioned with representation offered elsewhere.

We are delighted that the quality of service offered by the ISU to its members is so highly valued.  And we would always want to see everyone able to obtain the best representation possible for whatever issues they face. But we also have to be realistic.  Although we do have the ability to exercise discretion in particular cases the general rule must be that to obtain representation you must be a member at the time the matter occurred.  Please encourage friends and colleagues not to wait until they experience difficulties before joining the ISU


Brexit and pressures on immigration

There is much speculation, and little clarity, on what the impact of Brexit and any tightening of immigration rules might mean for operational arm.  The ISU has sought a meeting with the Home Secretary to offer a ground level insight on the pressures we face.


Operational Arm move to Croydon

The accommodation currently occupied by BF, IE and UKVI in Marsham Street will need to be vacated by September and all 3 bodies are moving back to Croydon.   The ISU is in consultation both with the overall Smarter working programme and with the operational arm business units.  There are opportunities offered by the programme; but we recognise that this is also an unsettling time for staff.  Open meetings are relatively commonplace in 2MS itself; but some other areas, for example Bedfont Lakes, were left out, only to find out very late in the day that they are included.

If you are impacted in any way by this proposed move please contact your local reps or NEC Liaison officer.

Verbal Assault (and worse) in Border Force

The ISU has been invited to an “Assault summit” looking at the prevalence of verbal abuse and assault in BF, and what managers could do about it.  If you have any examples or feedback you would like to submit please contact Clare Rampton before 16th March.