ISU Membership Update 11.08.2017 – Pay 2017

Dear Member,

As you will have seen the department’s pay “award” will be imposed at the end of the month.  The full details can be found on Horizon so I won’t repeat them here.

For a brief period after the election it looked as though The Treasury might possibly have lifted the 1% pay cap; sadly this did not emerge.  “How many ways can we split 1%?” is not a terribly attractive conversation at any time.  Combined with an average rate of inflation in excess of 2.5% members continue to see a real time drop of salary.

As unwelcome as this approach is; we accept that the Home Office have little influence over The Treasury who set this cap.  What the Home Office do have control over however is how that 1% is distributed and in particular the continued exclusion of staff who exercised their right to retain a legacy allowance such as AAA or SDA.

The ISU is deeply disappointed that staff who made this choice continue to be bullied and pressured in this way to surrender their legal rights.  These staff are now paid 3% less than their colleagues; both in real terms and in respect of the pension they would expect to receive on retirement.  There is no way to make up this loss and no resolution in sight.

This isn’t just an issue affecting these legacy staff; it is a signpost to everyone. 

There have been many leadership changes since AHW was first announced.  We are some way from the previous direct threats of dismissal if members did not comply with management wishes or business need.  The focus, at least at the top of the office, has shifted more toward wellbeing and welfare.  But you can see what any individual – or organisations – priorities are by the way they spend their money.  Money really does speak louder than words.

So what does this say?  You stood up to us so we will punish you.  You did not make the choice we wanted you to make so you have less value to the organisation.

So please Home Office – stop punishing staff for exercising their right to choose just because you don’t like the way they chose.  Sit down with them, sit down with us, and work out a way to resolve this matter fairly and equitably.

This is an opportunity for senior leaders to demonstrate that the changes and commitment to the workforce are genuine and sincere.  And if they choose not to do so we will all have reason to ask ourselves…. Who next?