ISU Membership Update 14.01.2017

Dear Members,

Happy New Year to you all – we know all too well just how difficult the festive period was for many of you who worked, our thanks for the high volume of excellent feedback received on those issues. Rest assured these will be taken forward. Despite this, we hope that you did all manage at least a little rest & relaxation. Our focus now moves to 2017 and the challenges of another year….

What next for the PDR?

Over a month since overdue announcement of the demise of the current PDR system, we don’t yet have further detail to report on the replacement system although we are in productive discussions with the employer and hope to say more about that soon.

However there remains the central issue of what will happen in March, at the end of this Reporting Year.  Will forced ranking be imposed one final and futile time?  We hope not.  We have pressed senior managers to make this common-sense decision quickly and let people know where they stand.

Let’s be clear about this. The ‘Bottom 10%’ has done nothing but demoralise our people, turn staff against managers, poison the well of employee relations, discourage creative thinking and embed discrimination. It leaves an odious legacy. And does anyone seriously believe that it has done anything to improve organisational performance ? Really ? It is testament to the integrity and professionalism of our people that they did continue to deliver in spite of this dreadful system – but that is the most that can be said. It will take some time for this poison to drain, it makes sense to start as soon as possible.

Of course the system also has significant adverse equality outcomes and it seems to us pure folly for the employer to accept further risk of litigation for no conceivable benefit.

We find it incomprehensible that the Department would even consider running one last ‘sundown’ round of Bottom 10%. We have been genuinely encouraged by their greatly improved engagement in recent months – they deserve credit for that. To throw this and the goodwill achieved by changing systems away for no appreciable gain of any kind would certainly be an impressive example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory……

Come on, just do the right thing !

A New Vice Chair and NEC elections

Congratulations to John Edun who was elected as ISU National Vice Chair just before Christmas.  We also have an election for NEC Member positions, ballot papers should hit doormats for that next week. The new NEC will take up office after Conference in March.


Unfortunately we still have no further news to report on any Departmental proposals to end the so-called ‘Legacy Allowances’. We’re told the matter will be considered further by the Board soon and will naturally update you all as soon as there are further developments to report.

Increasing value for membership.

The NEC is always looking for ways to add more value to ISU membership. The full list of membership benefits can be found in the front of your ISU diary and we are currently exploring the possibility of extending legal expenses coverage, although securing this at competitive rate is not straightforward. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for benefits you would value, please do let us know.