ISU Membership Update 17.08.2016

Dear Member,

BF Apprentices.

Our newly recruited Apprentices, paid only 75% of the full salary and on a fixed term 18 month contract,  were shocked to discover that the next round of recruitment which has just started is for permanent staff on the full BFO salary.

The ISU fully supports the concept of an Apprentice scheme to encourage applications from those who do not have the usual academic requirements but are none the less able to fulfil the role.  However this is not a good way to treat any staff  – regardless of status.

If this affects you or you want to know more, ISU reps have a fuller “Apprentice Special” brief which also appears on the website.


Borders in the News

Media scrutiny of the current, exceptionally severe pressures at the Border continues. The ISU have played an active role in informing the coverage – our General Secretary, Lucy Moreton has made numerous media appearances. Paramount for us is to make clear that our members are performing heroically under awful conditions not of their making – and that Borders need to be properly resourced. Most attention focuses on Heathrow but we know that pressures elsewhere are intense. We’re grateful for the many messages received sharing similarly awful experiences from numerous other locations, from Dunkirk to Edinburgh and most places in between – it all really does help, thank you.

It becomes ever more difficult for voices to be heard in today’s multi-media babble but the ISU continue to punch above our weight.

Code of Ethics?

Following in from the recent BF Special we are pleased to report that significant improvements have been made in the draft Code of Ethics and mandatory Declarations – although there are still some issues to be resolved.  It is in no-one’s interests to have corrupt staff in post; but we must recognise that this is a very small number of individuals and response needs to be both measured and proportionate.

The majority of staff are both honest and dedicated. Care needs to be taken to treat them supportively, with respect and as adults.  Moreover the pressure of work on the squeezed middle of the HO grade needs to be recognised and not increased with more over assurance.


Enforcement Matters

With such high profile events in Borders, we don’t mean to neglect Enforcement. We know very well that life there is likewise tough and only getting tougherOur recent Enforcement Special was well received – look out for another in the coming weeks.

Stress Survey at Heathrow

Following on from our positive experiences and gains for staff at Gatwick, Manchester and Newcastle we are conducting a stress survey at LHR.  The full  results will be placed on the ISU website and National reps are engaging with LHR management to address the areas raised.

The NEC.