ISU Membership Circular 20.03.18 – Conference Special

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Dear Member,

ISU National Conference

As you know the ISU National Conference took place last week in Brighton.

Conference voted to raise the subscription rate to £12 per member per month with effect from 1st May 2018.  As promised the NEC will now consider how to extend membership benefits and will make any announcements in due course.

Those of you on Direct Debit don’t need to do anything.  If you are paying by Standing Order you need to make the change yourself.  Please make sure that you action any change to your payments to ensure that your membership benefits continue in full.

Hot Topics

Conference discussed a number of issues but these were the “hot topics” for the NEC to take forward over the next few months:

Pay:  Understandably delegates were concerned at the continued year on year real time wage cut.  Pay 2018 talks have yet to start in earnest but the NEC is fully aware of the need to secure a rise at least in line with the cost of living.

Bullying and Harassment:  This consistent theme remains at the top of both the ISU agenda and the staff survey.  Members of the NEC are already engaged with the department to identify “hot spots” as well as good practice; but more needs to be done to support victims, facilitate good quality investigation within a reasonable timeframe and ensure consistency of decision making.

SSCL / My CSP: Conference expressed massive dissatisfaction with the performance of SSCL and MyCSP with mistakes in pension contributions, delays in processing queries and rectifying mistakes Conference expressed a vote of “No Confidence” in both providers.

Training / staffing at the Border:  There was much debate over a range of aspects of Border Control, from staffing models, to training, critical incident planning and SLAs.  The consistent theme was that the role of staff at the Border is crucial to UK National Security and we all deserve staff who are fully trained, properly equipped and who felt supported in their role.

The NEC was asked to try to return to a “5 line news” form of updating which we will do so you will see shorter, more focussed updates alongside the more detailed circulars.


Lucy Moreton

ISU General Secretary