ISU Membership Update 22.04.2016

Dear Member

AAA/SDA – and Pay 2015

As Members are aware the ISU remains in talks with HO regarding AAA/SDA.  There are a number of reasons for this.  There is still a window to obtain payment of the 2015 pay award to those members from whom it was withheld.  Also we have the opportunity to make changes to the AHW policy both in its substance and its implementation. Whilst there remains the opportunity to secure benefits for the membership we will remain in talks.

We will update members more fully as soon as we can.

Classification of public holidays

We have challenged the department on advice from SSC that Christmas and New Year are to be treated as weekends rather than public holidays.  This is contrary to Home Office policy as published on horizon.  We are still waiting for a response.


Members, particularly in BFN, will be aware of the controversy of the increased requirement for PST3 trained staff.  Following pressure from the ISU attitudes in the North seem to be softening toward staff who are unable to complete the training.  We have been able to secure both safeguards to ensure affected staff are safeguarded to ensure a proper process and a commitment to keep the levels required under open minded review.  We remain to be convinced that the claimed justification is in fact reasonable and we are keeping the matter under close review.

Occupational hearing loss

This ISU understand that members working in noisy enclosed environments, such as a freight shed, may be suffering occupational hearing loss.  We are aware of at least one location where a noise report identified hazardous levels of noise but staff continue to work in that environment without hearing protection.

Occupational hearing loss results in a unique pattern of damage and affected members may have the ability to make a personal injury claim.  If you think you may be affected please contact your local reps or Alex Evans Crane.

Lucy Moreton

ISU General Secretary.