ISU Membership Update 22.11.2016

Dear Members,

Changes to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme

Further changes have been made to the Compensation scheme reducing the amount payable in the event of early exit, ill health dismissal and redundancy. This is part of the government’s overall plan to restrict CS benefits; it is not Home Office Specific.

Obviously anything that reduces the sum paid in compensation for the loss of employment is unwelcome.  However there is one element to these proposals which impacts members currently absent on long term ill health.

Previously the compensation payable if you were dismissed on grounds of ill health would only be reduced if there was something which you could do to get back to work but were not doing.  That focus has now switched to looking at whether or not you complied with the attendance management process; with a scale of reductions depending on whether you complied fully, mostly, partly etc.  Members are advised to keep a log of every time they are called / contacted and when they responded in order to prove that they complied fully if needed.  You are entitled to a representative at any formal meeting.


Changes to pensions

A document detailing the various changes to pensions in recent years and its impact has been placed on the ISU website.  There are quite a few links embedded within that document which means that it isn’t suitable for email into POISE.  Please do take a moment to access the website and have a look.  If you have forgotten your login details please contact ISU HQ.

SDA / AAA Survey

The department has recently sent a survey to everyone who retains legacy terms and conditions; asking for more detail on why they have chosen not to opt in.  We would encourage you to complete this, especially if the reason why you have not opted in is connected to an equality reason.



Last year the ISU launched 2 styles of lanyard.  A yellow “ISU representative” lanyard to help members to identify a rep when they needed one; and a red “Work Shouldn’t Hurt” lanyard.   Both lanyards complied with the uniform rules as they were at that time.

One BF location expressed concern that members of the public might ask staff why work should not hurt.  Several months of discussion followed but ended with Border Force changing its uniform rules to prevent you wearing these lanyards whilst in a public facing role.

The lanyards can still be used in back office roles, non uniformed roles and within IE or UKVI.  But not in front facing BF roles.  BF have refunded ISU the entire cost of the lanyards in recognition that they were in compliance with uniform rules at that time.

BF do agree that work should not hurt.  But you can no longer say so in public.


NEC elections.

Nominations for the NEC are now closed. The Vice Chair post will be contested between John Edun and Simon Bonsor; ballot papers will be distributed shortly.  Following that there will then be a further election to determine the NEC member positions.

Welcome to the New RD for Border Force North

The ISU welcomes the appointment of Liz Versi as the new regional director for BFN.  We have already been in contact with her and look forward to establishing a productive working relationship going forward.