ISU Membership Update 26.1.18 – ISU Diary

Dear Members,

I appreciate it’s still only January and we’re only just acclimatised to the idea of 2018……but already we have to turn our minds to ordering our 2019 ISU Diaries from the suppliers.

We’ve given you all an ISU diary each year for as long as I can remember – it’s become an ISU tradition. However times have changed and many of you now tell us you no longer use the ISU diary. That the rise of smartphones with excellent calendar functions means you have no real need of a paper diary any longer. Of course its different strokes for different folks and we know that there are also members who remain fond of their diary.

We’re very happy to continue supplying a diary to those of you who would like one but would rather not spend membership funds to send diaries to those of you who don’t use or want it.

So if you would like to order an ISU diary for 2019, all you need to do is reply to this e-mail with the single word ‘Yes’ –  we’d be very grateful for orders by Friday 9th February.

Many Thanks


Mark Gribbin