ISU Membership Update 27.01.2017

Dear Members,


Verbal abuse

Sadly the verbal abuse of staff is not uncommon.  Although there is an understandable tendency to shrug our shoulders and accept that as part of the job this then means that there are few official reports to provide statistics.  This leads senior managers to believe that there is no problem.  In the meantime a barrage of abuse causes distress, contributes to stress related sickness and in extremis places colleagues at risk when someone who has previous abused staff becomes physical.

It is very important to formally report verbal abuse on the Horizon form.

This is particularly true for officers performing the roving officer role at airports where this is on trial.  Senior managers need an accurate picture of what officers doing this role are subject to on a daily basis.   If we don’t have that we reduce our chances of having this exercise stopped.

Language Allowances

A new “reward manual” was placed on Horizon over the Christmas period.  An additional line has crept into the section for language allowances which was not in any of the preceding documentation.  This line suggests that your language allowance can be removed if the language is not in use.

We raised our concerns with the Reward team immediately and yesterday they agreed to remove the offending line from the manual.

If you are contacted by a manager seeking to “review” your language allowance please contact an ISU rep without delay.

Pension Legal Challenges.

One of the challenges to changes to the CS pension scheme, that brought by Judges, has been heard at Employment Tribunal and reported in the media.  There are 3 current challenges being brought; by 247 Judges, by the FBU and by a police body called “Cops Against”.

There are differences in each of the challenges both from one another and from the situation for ISU members; but it remains an area which we are watching closely.  The Judge’s claim has been appealed, the FBU claim is in court at the moment and the Cops Against claim has been stayed behind the FBU.

We doubt there will be any clarity on the situation any time soon.

ISU Diaries

We are at the point of needing to order the 2018 diaries.  However there are some indications that not everyone would want or use a diary.

Just to give us an idea of numbers and whether or not it is prudent to reduce the number ordered if you do not want an ISU diary can you please let HQ know.  This is not binding – just to give us an idea of how many members no longer use this service.