ISU Membership Circular

Dear Members,

ISU National Officer and National Executive Committee elections will shortly be held for the 2018 Union Year.

Nominations are sought for the position of National Chair and for 4 NEC members, each for a three year term of office.

In accordance with motions passed during the 2008 Annual Delegate Conference, the following rules were introduced:

“2.2 Nominees as Chairman, Vice-Chairman and General Secretary must be up to date with their subscriptions, must be elected to the NEC at the time of their nomination and must have expressed their willingness to stand for election.”

“2.3 Nominees as members of the National Executive Committee must be full members of the ISU, have served for a minimum of two years as a BEC member, and still hold that position at the time of nomination for the NEC, or at the time of nomination be an existing NEC member, or have served as an NEC member during the previous two years, be up to date with their subscriptions and must have expressed the willingness to stand for election.”

The closing date for nominations is first post on Friday 8th December 2017

The nomination paper has been placed on the front page of the ISU website – it is not attached to this e-mail because POISE tends to ‘bounce’ attachments to ISU circulars –along with a copy of the rules governing NEC elections. Please read these rules and note particularly the 200-word limit on election addresses.

The completed forms should NOT be sent to ISU HQ but to Popularis, who are appointed as Independent Scrutineer for the purposes of this election, at the address below.


Popularis Ltd,

Nutsey Lane,


Southampton SO40 3RL

Please ensure your nomination has been received by contacting Popularis Ltd on 02380 867335 or by e-mail at [email protected]. It is the responsibility of nominees to ensure that their nomination has been received.

Any questions concerning these Election arrangements should in the first instance be raised with the undersigned.

John Edun

ISU National Vice-Chair

16th November 2017