ISU Election Bulletin 12.12.17

Dear Members,

Further to our recent bulletin regarding elections for posts both as a National Officer and those on the National Executive Committee, I am pleased to report that I have today received confirmation from Popularis Ltd that Mark Gribbin has been returned in the ISU National Officer role of National Chairman for a three year period and without the need for a ballot as he was unopposed.

As regards the four National Executive Committee posts that are open for election, I am able to report that Popularis Ltd have today confirmed that five nominees are standing which will therefore necessitate a ballot with papers and addressing statements being dispatched to ISU members from the 08th January 2018.

Please contact HQ at [email protected] or on 01255 553039 to update your home address in our records if this has changed recently so that you are ensured delivery of your ballot papers.

John Marc Edun

ISU National Vice Chairman