40 Years and still going strong

The ISU has an extensive nationwide network of experienced and highly trained representatives who work across a variety of locations and operational areas both in the the United Kingdom and abroad. Their experience of both trade union and operational matters gives them a unique insight into the needs of our diverse membership and also provides reassurance that in times of need, there is a reliable, confident and supportive machinery to call upon to fight your corner. This works on many levels, from a quiet one-to-one chat with a local rep in-confidence, to a meeting with the employer’s senior managers at a national level and via use of the national media. Your needs, your voice, is articulated from top to bottom, through every means open to us as your representatives.

Many of our members work in very demanding environments, providing a service to the general public often under intense media scrutiny. From time to time, incidents can occur, mistakes can be made, often through no fault of the individual member. However, along with the high-profile demands of working in the spotlight, other pitfalls can occur, such as vexatious complaints, injuries at work and stress in the workplace to name but a few. At such points in our working lives we need to be able to count on a trade union that will fight to protect us, can be trusted and understands our needs, through good times and bad.

The ISU has an excellent record in all forms of staff representation including pay, pensions, health and safety, personal and disciplinary cases. We attribute our success to the fact that we all work in operational areas, we share the same experiences that you face during your career and understand your needs as a result.

The ISU is a non-political union, founded by operational staff, for operational staff and does not contribute any members’ monies to political organisations. All member’s subscriptions fund member-centred initiatives.

Join us and together we can protect your interests as we defend our terms and conditions across the UK and the world and work towards a better working environment for us all

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