Immigration Enforcement

ISU members in Immigration Enforcement ( IE ) work to prevent abuse of UK immigration law, tracing and removing foreign nationals illegally in the UK and targeting criminals profiting from illegal immigration. They are the ‘after entry’ part of Border Control, processing illegal entrants who, for example, have entered the UK clandestinely in the backs of lorries or who have failed to comply with conditions imposed on entry by Border Force.

This is some of the most challenging work in the public sector, often involving physical arrest of dangerous individuals who present serious risk to the UK public. Our people are out on the streets day and night, working in closely knit teams to combat immigration crime.

The results ISU members in Immigration Enforcement produce are too often unsung but bring great value to this country and contribute enormously to making our communities safer.

ISU and Immigration Enforcement


IE also have substantial case-working teams. Responsibilities include excluding foreign criminals from the country and arranging for deportation of foreign national prisoners in UK prisons. IE also handle regular reporting for offenders with pending applications or legal challenges – and arrange removals at the end of the process, including by chartered removal flights.

Crime and Intelligence

There are also dedicated Crime and Intelligence teams focussed on fighting serious, organised immigration crime around the country and with significant international aspects – with numerous very high profile and noteworthy successes.

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