Border Force

The majority of ISU members work in Border Force, regulating entry of people and goods at over 140 airports and seaports around the UK and at Juxtaposed Border Control locations in France and Belgium.

Border Force was formed in 2012 from the ashes of the failed UK Border Agency, itself established only in 2008. Prior to that, the Customs and Immigration elements of Border Force had existed separately for many years. Nowadays Border Force marries both aspects of Border Control, focusing increasingly on prevention of crime, national security and supporting national prosperity.

ISU members in Border Force contribute critically to the national security of the UK and to maintaining our Border Controls. 

ISU and Border Force, working together every day

Fighting Crime

ISU members in Border Force deal with many millions of inbound travelers to the UK each year, granting admission in accordance with Immigration Rules and preventing the entry of those aiming to cause the UK harm.

Border Force also apprehends people traffickers, disrupting the flow of illegal entrants to the UK, while the International arm supports other governments around the world in improving their Border processes and protections, disrupting international criminality.

Border Force and Customs

On the Customs side of the house, every year Border Force intercept vast quantities of illegal drugs, contraband cigarettes and alcohol and counterfeit goods while also ensuring that correct excise duties are paid in respect of import goods.

Border Force teams use sophisticated intelligence and detection tools in this work, leading to numerous successful prosecutions and significant disruption to organised crime networks.