Welcome to our website!

I’m really proud to launch these fresh, updated pages for you all. Our ambition is to build a site where ISU members can find a wealth of information, interest and support – as well as a sense of community. The ISU have never been just a group of people who happen to be passing through the same job. We’ve always been a broad, vibrant church of like minded souls. Our old website no longer reflected who we are as a Union. Partly that the look of the pages was outdated, partly because the content just grew stale over time.

So now we’re starting again and refocussing our energy on this. I hope you agree that the appearance of the site is much improved and find it easier to navigate. Certainly for me it has a more interactive, modern feel – very much more like the websites I visit every day. But this is only the beginning. You’ll notice that there are some fresh bits and pieces but we haven’t yet added substantial new content to the website. This is a ‘soft launch’.

Two reasons for that. Firstly we wanted to get the site up sooner rather than later. Secondly we want this site to respond to feedback and suggestions from members, to reflect current events and in time to grow and include articles and content submitted by members. The ISU belongs to the members and not the NEC and we want the website to reflect the same principles.

So these pages will be updated regularly. There’ll be new material appearing every week. Opinion pieces, membership benefits, campaign news, press releases, all sorts of content. Including this blog. It may be headed ‘Chair’s Blog’ but actually it will rotate between different hands so different perspectives are heard. Please check back often !

So please let us have your feedback. This is all for you so it would be great to hear what you think.  I very much hope you like what you see and any suggestions you have for improvements, for content you might find useful, any questions you might want answered or indeed subjects you’d like to see covered in future blogs….all would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for reading !