Work Shouldn’t Hurt

The ISU is starting a campaign on the basis that work shouldn’t hurt.  Be that financially, emotionally or physically. Based on the premise that you have a right to a safe working life, free from bullying particularly from bullying by the employer, a reasonable work life balance and a reasonable financial reward which reflects the cost of living.

We know that in some areas we are a very long way from achieving anything remotely like this; but that shouldn’t stop us trying.  We are committed to addressing these issues locally with your local branch reps and nationally with senior managers and by involving outside agencies when we need to.  We are not going to make everything paradise for everyone.  But there is a lot of room for improvement and we as a union are committed to obtaining that improvement everywhere we can.

If you would like me, or another member of the NEC to visit your workplace and talk about any specific or national issues please just let your local branch know and we can arrange that.

Workstation Assessments

Learn more about the importance of workstation assessments, what they mean for you and what you should be doing about it.

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