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Meet the NEC

Mark Gribbin
Mark GribbinGeneral Secretary
Mark was the ISU National Chair since 2015, also serving as National HR Lead since 2013. Based at Heathrow, Mark has been involved with the ISU in various capacities since 1997. He is a very experienced caseworker and negotiator who prizes co-operative relations with the Department wherever possible but doesn’t shy away from confrontation when membership needs demand.
Mark is famed for his ‘brevity’ – never knowingly using 5 words when 50 will do – but less well known are his abiding passion for Deltic locomotives, eclectic love of music and house packed with books, some of which he may one day read…..
Stuart Band
Stuart BandISU Chair
Stuart has enjoyed an extensive ISU career, first joining the NEC in the early 1990s and later serving as our National Chair for almost ten years over two periods of office. Now retired from his Departmental role, Stuart has become our first retired member to be elected to the NEC. He continues to support us with his Health & Safety expertise and on the Equality agenda. Stuart’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the history and traditions of our Union is invaluable.
Outside of the ISU, Stuart is a prominent figure in the international dog show world and avid traveller.
John Edun
John EdunVice Chairman
John is our National Vice-Chair, a position he’s held with distinction since 2016. Based in Croydon as an operational Enforcement Officer, John has also been our National Enforcement Lead since 2014 and has worked tirelessly to promote stronger protections for our Enforcement members in the often dangerous work they do.
John is a force of nature who enjoys good relations with all the key players and uses those to achieve consistently fine results for members. His inexplicable devotion to Crystal Palace may drive him to weekly despair but even so he inspires always with his positivity !
Simon Bonsor
Simon BonsorNEC Member
Simon is a long-standing member of both the Gatwick Branch and the NEC, serving as National Vice-Chair between 2013 and 2016. His wealth of experience is valuable always and he is trenchant voice on behalf of members in NEC deliberations. Simon is a highly experienced Border Force HO trainer in his Departmental role and brings strong understanding both of our operational lives and the needs of new recruits
In his private life, Simon is a keen amateur dramatist, traveller and follower of the arts
Ken Stiles
Ken StilesNEC Member
Ken is a long-standing ISU activist and Chair of our Yorkshire & North East Branch who answered our call and became an Assistant General Secretary in 2015 before being elected to the NEC in 2016.
Ken is based in Sheffield but tirelessly covers all points North on our behalf. In his operational role, Ken works in Enforcement Intelligence and was for many years before that one of our foremost document specialists in NDFU. His experience is invaluable in supporting members in these specialist areas.
Ken is also an accomplished choral singer – and once performed for the Pope !
Jon Murtagh
Jon MurtaghNEC Member
John is newly elected to the NEC in 2018, stepping up from the Assistant General Secretary role he’s occupied in recent years. John has long been a leading voice on behalf of Enforcement members – he has been instrumental in achieving breakthroughs in support for members suffering traumatic incidents at work and has also been pressing the ‘Ageing Workforce’ agenda to secure improved Equality outcomes for members. John will also be taking a lead role in the revived Enforcement Liaison Committee in the coming year.