If you are an ISU member and wish to continue receiving the annual ISU pocket diary, you must confirm with HQ that you continue to wish to do so. If we do not receive confirmation from you, you will no longer receive the annual pocket diary. 

If you need to change your address for the annual ISU diary please contact HQ by email or on 01255 553039 to update your records. 

If your diary is lost, stolen or damaged, there is a £3.25 charge to cover the cost of the diary and postage. Postage overseas may be higher. Please contact HQ for more information. 

We regularly keep members up to date with the ISU and news from the department with membership circulars and updates. You can find the latest updates here

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The ISU offers a lifetime membership for members who have retired or are leaving the service. For a one-off fee of £50, this entitles you to all non-work related benefits of the ISU, membership circulars and updates, access to the members area on the ISU website for exclusive content, membership benefits, discounted services with our solicitors, the annual ISU diary and assistance with any Home Office pension queries.  For more information please contact HQ by email or on 01255 553039

Every month the ISU chairman and members of the NEC reflect on the current issues our members are facing and their views on the ever changing role of working for the Home Office. 

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