Do you work on the Cutters? The ISU is the union for you!

In addition to the presence at air and seaports, Border Force also maintains a maritime presence around the UK coast – a fleet of vessels patrols our waters to deter and intercept unauthorised landings on our shores.

Our members on the Border Force Cutters have achieved spectacular successes, for instance intercepting people smugglers and playing vital roles in multi-agency operations to combat cross-border organised crime. The cutters also deployed to the Mediterranean to support the international humanitarian effort in response to the refugee crisis in 2015.

Life on the waves is rarely glamorous of course – and our people live and work in difficult conditions aboard ship for weeks on end. Due to the nature of the work our members are engaged in, they are exposed to all sorts of risk. Health and Safety is paramount in this environment. The tragedies witnessed on deployments can lead to our members needing help with PTSD or other health issues.