The ISU work hard to promote equality of opportunity, inclusion and respect for all members. We stand resolutely against discrimination and unfairness of every description.

Equality is more than simply a set of principles we all share. It is also a continuing campaign to achieve fairness for members who are too often marginalised. We fight hard for members who :-

  • Experience bullying, harassment and discrimination because of their race, their sexuality or any other irrelevant characteristic
  • Struggle to adapt to disability at work, too often in the face of managers who do not make reasonable adjustments and instead penalise people for their disabilities
  • Don’t get a fair shake in job selection processes that don’t do enough to protect their interests

Even now – in 2018 – the list goes on and on. At the ISU we are a community and we stand firm for those who most need our support.

Currently our National Equality Lead is Claire Faxon, supported by Stuart Band.  

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