What can the ISU do for YOU?

The ISU can offer full union coverage to people working with Border Force, Immigration Enforcement and UKVI. We also cover people who work for the F&CO based all around the world as well as other Immigration based departments of the Home Office. 

We are recognised to represent members in the AO to SO and equivalent grades within the Operational Arm of Home Office in Borders Force, Immigration Enforcement and UK Visas & Immigration. For those members we are able to negotiate pay and terms and conditions of service.

We also have a number of members who are at different grades or who work in different areas, or indeed other Government departments. For those members we cannot participate in formal collective bargaining processes but can otherwise offer the full range of membership benefits and services, including personal representation. We frequently represent members in many different locations and roles and will happily support members wherever they might be.

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As a paying member of the ISU, you are entitled to personal representation if you require assistance with an issue. We have representatives in ports and offices across the country a well as a national casework manager.