Able – The Home Office Disability Network

ABLE are a staff network who support people with disabilities within the Home Office.

The ISU wholeheartedly support the valuable work ABLE to do in raising awareness of disability issues – particularly for those struggling with invisible disabilities. They are a powerful voice promoting tolerance, understanding, and inclusion for people who all too often feel marginalised at work simply because of a health condition they have.

Many ISU members have benefitted directly and indirectly from the fine work ABLE do. We join with their ongoing campaign to ensure that people who have disabilities are not defined by them and instead receive the dignity and support at work we all deserve.

Promoting equality & inclusion for disabled staff in the Home Office

ABLE offers a wide range of services across the Home Office to people with disabilities, and to teams and units. Our network Committee and Regional Representatives are able to deliver presentations, facilitate discussions and provide a range of support as below: 

ABLE members have courage, resilience, are problem solvers and people who carry on in the face of adversity. We will celebrate these attributes and use them for the benefit of our Department and for the public. Able is a voice for all staff in the Home Office with a disability or are affected by a person with a disability. Buddy groups will shortly be re-launched; they will be able to feed in issues to ABLE and provide staff with specific disabilities a forum for exchange of ideas and information. We are part of the wider Civil Service Disability Network.