Core Group Scheme

Your Union has now negotiated new Core Group Insurance Scheme to enhance the support you currently receive from your Union Membership.


It provides the following cover;

Family Worldwide Travel Insurance

Motor Vehicle Breakdown Cover (UK and Europe)

Home Emergency Cover

All for £15.00 per month.

Please take a moment to read the scheme benefits and travel policy.

You will see that on joining you may be able to cancel some of your current Insurance Policies and gain the financial savings that are inherent in Core Group Schemes.

We strongly suggest that you consider the cover included in the scheme and you take advantage of this offer and join

Thank you for taking time to consider joining the scheme and if you have any Questions in relation to the scheme or assistance in applying feel free to contact our dedicated Account Manager at Philip Williams & Company (Paul Kelly) on 07525917040.

Who Can Join?

Any serving member of the Immigration Service / Border Agency who is a member of the ISU. (under age 65)


Complete an application form and send it to Philip Williams & Co. Pre-Paid envelopes are available at your Union Office.

NOTE; Do not cancel any existing cover until you receive confirmation of your membership of the Scheme.

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your application form, normally within 48 hours from Philip Williams and Co.

When you receive confirmation of membership you can then begin to review your current Insurance products to consider if these are still appropriate for your needs. Feel free to contact your account manager direct (Paul Kelly) on 07525917040 if you wish to have the covers within the scheme explained in more detail or email ‘

                              If you wish to enrol your partner/spouse simply print another copy of the same application.